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Technical consultancy

Are you struggling to make a business decision due to technology? Uncertain if your investment in technology will increase profitability or allow your business to break into a new market? Our team can help you identify where shrewd investment will provide value.

At Simple Symmetry we provide business and technology-based consultative services that support our clients in their pursuit of improving their business for their customers, workforce and stakeholders.

How our Technical Consultants can work with you


  • Providing an unbiased and independent recommendation on your current technology and future investment for improvement
  • Partnering with your technology teams to enable a faster project delivery
  • Working with you to identify requirements, design and develop your bespoke software solution

Exploration and scoping

We work with you to understand your business needs, and understand the scope of our deliverables to you.

Requirements elicitation and analysis

Using various techniques such as workshops, interviews, observation, and documentation review, build up a set of requirements to deliver genuine value to your business.

Interface design and prototyping

End to end usability review and design for your web and mobile applications so that your users are able to interact with your applications immediately.

Technical architecture and design

Full stack technical architecture and design services so that your products and services are delivered with high reliability and availability, and employ rigorous IT security standards and practices.

Business Architecture

We ensure that there is a common understanding of your business, your strategy and goals so that your business and technical functionality represents your business.

Process Analysis

Conducting process analysis allows us to gain an understanding of your business processes, make recommendations for process improvement, and influences choices for technological improvements.

Project and product specification

So that we can build a web or mobile application, or web site for you, we produce a project specification describing the functionality and purpose of our deliverable to you, which ensures that we fully understand your requirements, and that you are satisfied that we deliver everything that you need.

Software quality management & assurance

We fully integrate quality assurance (QA) processes into our software development workflow, ensuring that software we deliver to you is rigorously tested and meets with your requirements.

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Exploration and scoping

During initial client discussions, we form a project framework that will address the business challenge or issue. Whether this is developing software or a web application it is important for all involved to understand what will be delivered as part of a project.


Project & product specification

We want to deliver what you want when you expect it. We work with our clients to plan their software development project and this includes the project specification.

Case study

Canopy Check

Data solutions for improving crop management

Does your business have a Technical consultancy challenge? We’d love to hear about it…